7X Wagyu Beef Burgers, 8oz 2-Pack



Pure Japanese Beef Burgers from 7X BEEF, 2-Pack

7X Beef is pure Japanese beef, raised from one single breed with a 100-percent-pure bloodline. Like the beef produced from Kobe’s famous Taijima breed, 7X Beef is renowned for its intense marbling, unmatched flavor, and surprising tenderness and unbelievably juicy.

Each pack contains two 8 oz patties of delicious 80/20 7X Ground Beef.

Rather not break out the grill but still want a burger?
In a well ventilated kitchen (because there will be some smoke), simply sear a patty like you would a steak, at 4 minutes per side, and then place in a 400° oven to bring the internal temperature into the desired range.

This item is frozen. 

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