Apple Pie, 9" - PRE-ORDER ONLY - Griggstown Farms



Apple Pie, 9" - Griggstown Farms


Apple pies will be delivered Monday, November 23rd

This delicious homemade Apple pie is made from scratch year-round. It ships frozen, ready to bake at home. Contains fresh apples and a sweet cinnamon combination to delight all pie eaters. Topped with a sweet pie crust.

They are sold frozen. Please keep them frozen until ready to bake. Using locally grown apples and other quality sourced ingredients, each pie is handmade in their onsite USDA production facility.

Griggstown Farm was established in 1975 by George Rude with 12 quails. Since then he has created a farm based on all-natural methods and sells quality poultry and prepared foods to both customers and businesses in New Jersey, New York, and Philadelphia.

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