Black Summer Truffle Slices, 80g



Tartufi di Fassia's thin fragrant slices of black summer truffle are enriched with high-quality extra virgin olive oil so you can prepare creative dishes while maintaining the perfume and aroma of fresh truffles.

Because they are preserved in extra virgin olive oil, sliced black summer truffles provide the perfect balance of flavor to serve with roasted or grilled meats, appetizers, and crostini, with salty cheeses, risotto or pizza.

Tartufi di Fassia Black Summer Truffle Slices should be refrigerated after opening and consumed within 14 days.



Tartufi di Fassia has locations in Italy and New York.
Tartufi di Fassia is the only truffle product line that is USDA approved.

Suggested use: Add to vegetables or sauce to complement roasted meats

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