Catsmo Gold Label Horizontal Sliced Smoked Salmon Sides



Professional chefs love our ‘long-sliced’ smoked salmon sides! A horizontally sliced side of our Catsmo Gold, or what we call our 'regular', is what made Catsmo what it is today. With its rich, buttery texture and sweet lacing of fruitwood smoke, these sides account for 80 percent of our smoked salmon sales.

The horizontal style of cutting provides smoked salmon slices that are long and even making them perfect for lining terrines, and offering you maximum flexibility in your presentation. Spread the thinly sliced salmon with crème fraîche and chives, roll and slice into 1-inch medallions; or arrange the salmon slices in gentle folds embellished with capers, fresh dill and a wedge of lemon.

Our long sliced smoked salmon is smoked with the perfect blend of apple and cherry woods and praised for its delicate smoked flavor and silky texture.

Long-sliced whole sides are +/- 3lbs each.

Catsmo is committed to seafood sustainability and only sources salmon from ecologically responsible, certified aquaculture farms.

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