Felicetti Pasta Monograno - Il Cappelli Grain Variety Spaghetti, 500g



An Il Cappelli Grain Variety from Murgia. Developed by a great Italian agricultural scholar and dedicated to Senator Raffaele Cappelli, this grain variety is full of the flavor of the old days. Makes vibrant dishes bursting with genuine, deeply Italian character. “Il Cappelli” durum wheat is an unmistakably Italian and vigorous cultivar, straightforward and rewarding. 500g box
Available cuts: Spaghetti and Pacote 


Monograno is made with organic semolina sourced from a single origin and grown only on carefully selected plots of land, to communicate the distinct character and the truth of these simple, but fragile ingredients. Our Matt wheat is produced in Puglia, and retains the warmth and primordial zeal of its homeland.

Monograno’s authentic panoply of aromas, flavors, textures, and exceptional responsiveness to ingredients and preparation techniques are an endless source of inspiration, the key to a universe of possibilities, small fragments of happiness in our daily lives.

An expressive taste, a unique pasta for unique moments.

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