JACüTERIE Soppressata, 5oz




This classic spicy salami is made with locally grown Calabrian peppers, garlic and white wine. The excellent flavor of these peppers lends a fruity and spicy flavor. The Soppressata is excellent paired with wine and cheese, or sliced thin on a pizza. 5oz each.

Produced locally by JACüTERIE, an artisanal charcuterie company in the Hudson Valley of New York. Jacuterie operates out of their own USDA-inspected facility, where they specialize in European-style dry cured salami, whole muscle charcuterie, and small batches of fresh sausages. While they may take their inspiration for flavors from across the globe, all their products are made locally in the Hudson Valley, sourcing meats and other ingredients from as many local sources as possible.

JACüTERIE dry-cured sausages are made slowly over the course of five weeks. They carefully select the best meat and then blend it with carefully measured spices, herbs, salt, and sometimes a splash of wine. The sausages are given a short rest to allow the ingredients to blend together then the sausages are hung in special curing chambers designed specifically by JACüTERIE for four weeks until they are ready to eat.

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