Frozen Langoustines, 4.4 lb Box

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We currently offer frozen langoustines all year round. Our langoustines from New Zealand, flash frozen and shipped directly to us. The meat is sweet and tender and super easy to prepare. 

Packed in 1.5lb trays, average of 8 langoustines per tray. Depending on how you plan to serve them a general serving size is 4 langoustines per person. 

Thaw frozen langoustines under running water or by soaking in cold water.

To Prepare On the Grill: Butterfly your langoustines by laying them flat on a cutting board and using a sharp knife sawing through their shells lengthways. Only cut about 3/4 of the way through. Open them out and flatten them down gently with the heel of your hand. Season the langoustines and cook them, open-side down, across the bars so they don't fall through the grill. Let cook for 2 minutes and then flip them over onto the shell side for another 30 seconds, then place them on to a serving platter.

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