Turkey Boneless Breasts, 3-4lbs, PRE-ORDER ONLY - Griggstown Farms



Turkey Boneless Breasts, 3-4lbs, PRE-ORDER ONLY


Turkey breasts will be delivered Monday, November 23rd

Free range, cage free, all natural traditional white broad breasted turkey breasts from Griggstown Farm in Princeton, New Jersey. If you've tried their chicken, then you're already aware of their deliciousness!

These turkey breasts are on average 3.5lbs and come boneless. They are easy to prepare for a non-fuss take on the traditional Thanksgiving meal. 

Turkeys are raised at Griggstown Farm and are never frozen. Birds are slaughtered within a week to a week-and-a-half ahead of Thanksgiving. They are processed on-site in their USDA processing plant.

Griggstown Farm was established in 1975 by George Rude with 12 quails. Since then he has created a farm based on all-natural methods and sells quality poultry and prepared foods to both customers and businesses in New Jersey, New York, and Philadelphia.


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