Variety Coffee Roasters Road House Blend, Whole Beans, 300G



Varieties: Bourbon, Typica, Mundo Novo
Composition: Caturra, Bourbon, Typica, Castillo
Elevations: 1500-1800, 2000-2150 meters
Process: Washed, Washed
Drying: Raised beds, 15 Days
Aroma: Molasses, Brownie Batter, Maple Granola
Tasting Notes: Pecan, Stone Ground Chocolate, Concord Grape
Origin: Colombia, Peru

Road House is a seasonally rotating coffee that is essentially Variety's "house blend”. However, it is not your average house blend of old coffee beans. The Road House blend continues Variety Coffee's buying practice of sourcing the finest, rarest, freshest, and most delicious green coffees in the world, while never compromising on quality. This robust cofee will be the perfect to your mornings with a splash of Battenkill Creamery milk, half and half, or heavy cream!

Variety Coffee is a local coffee brand with coffee shops in Manhattan and Brooklyn, New York. All coffees are roasted by their team of experts in their Brooklyn roasting facility.
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