Catsmo Vodka & Dill Smoked Salmon

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Vodka cured salmon—with Russian Vodka of course—is smoked and then covered in freshly chopped dill. Catsmo Russian Vodka & Dill Smoked Salmon can be purchased whole or as finely cut smoked salmon slices, and served as is. Wrap the delicate slices around your favorite filling and serve as a standout appetizer. Try it with cucumber spears dipped in cream cheese.

Some customers use vodka cured smoked salmon as you would Gravelax.

Buy vodka cured salmon in 4oz, 8oz, 1lb, and whole sides sliced or unsliced (+/- 3lbs each).


Catsmo is committed to seafood sustainability and only sources salmon from ecologically responsible, certified aquaculture farms. 


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